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Last Updated: Wednesday October 10 2007 13:03 GMT

Kids collecting sticker book cops

Some of the cop cards kids can collect

There are 30 different cards for the kids to collect

Loads of you love collecting stickers of your fave film and sports stars and now police in Devon are encouraging kids to collect stickers of THEM.

Primary school kids in Brixham have got a few "Cop Cards" and an album to start off, and now they have to stop officers when they see them to collect the rest.

There are 30 stickers to get with each one showing an officer or police vehicle, facts and safety tips.

If anyone gets the whole set they could win a trip to the police headquarters.

The idea of the Cop Cards game is to help children get to know the officers.


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Sergeant Dave Casley said: "We are hoping to generate a buzz within the schools, not only about the sticker album, but about policing in general."

But what do the kids think?

One girl said: "Most of the other cards are fantasy ones. I think that this is a very, very good idea."


A boy who's recently moved to Brixham added: "It's interesting to learn who the policemen are in case I'm in trouble so I can go to them."

The series also includes gold, silver, and bronze stickers for the top cops - like the Chief Constable, Chief Superintendent and local sergeant - because they're harder to get.

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