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Last Updated: Wednesday October 10 2007 06:44 GMT

Fans pick price for band's album

You can choose how much to pay for the download

How would you fancy paying just 1p for your favourite group's latest release?

It might not be as unlikely as you think after a band called Radiohead decided to give their fans the chance to do just that with their new album.

They've launched the album online, but left the price box blank with a note on the site that says: "It's up to you."

Fans can pay whatever they think the tracks are worth - from 0-100. It may sound crazy but some people think other groups may end up doing the same thing.

Oasis and Jamiroquai are among those who are rumoured to be following Radiohead's lead by offering free downloads of their new albums alongside a CD version for fans to buy.

Thom Yorke from Radiohead
Radiohead are seen by many critics as one of the world's best rock bands
Some of the artists at the recent Q Awards disagreed that everyone would download the album for free and said they thought Radiohead's faith in people would be rewarded.

One said: "Everyone knows you can get your music for free, so let's see if you really want to show the band your appreciation."

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