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Last Updated: Tuesday October 09 2007 06:04 GMT

Can gaming make kids violent?

Kids playing game

Do violent computer games make kids behave badly? That's the question that the government will be looking at in a new study.

It will also look at the broader influence that gaming and going online has on children.

Some research has claimed that computer and console-loving kids are in danger from obesity, skipping school and picking up bad habits from their hobby. Many gaming companies are angry that they get the blame.

They say that it's just an excuse for the bigger problems children face in their day-to-day life.

They hope the study will clear up the issue and make parents more aware of what games their kids are playing as well as the websites they're going to.


There are strict age limits on some games, but it's feared that many kids ignore them.

A spokesman for the games industry said: "We are very responsible and keen to ensure that our products are only played by those they are designed for."

In two weeks time the government will be launching a survey about these matters for kdis. Click on the link on the top right of this page to take part.

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