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Last Updated: Monday October 15 2007 12:07 GMT

Single Review: Gwen Stefani feat Damien Marley - Now That U Got It

Gwen Stefani

Release date

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The sound

After a brief period of reflection on '4 In The Morning', Gwen Stefani is back to her happy go lucky best. Here she's experimenting with reggae, and she's got Damien Marley - son of reggae legend Bob Marley - to help her out.

'Now That U Got It' is a very laid back, summery tune. Even the video is set on a beach - which makes you wonder why it's being released in the autumn!

The words

Gwen is telling her man that even though he's got her, he still has to work hard to keep her and give her everything she wants.

Will you still be humming it next week?

Definitely - the chorus is catchy, to the point of being incredibly annoying!

Will it make the charts?

It's not one of Gwen's best, but her songs are always massive hits.

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Your Comments

"I think this song is really chilled. I've watched the music video hundreds of times on TV and I think it's the best song she's ever done."

Lydia, 10, Bromsgrove, England

"I love it, I listen to it every morning."

Scarlett, 11, Bristol, England

"This song is brilliant, it's great music for all sorts of people and it's another amazing track by Gwen Stefani."

Katie, 12, Ipswich, England