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Last Updated: Monday October 08 2007 13:22 GMT

Pics: Man's amazing 13-year adventure

Jason Lewis celebrating the end of his 13-year adventure

British adventurer Jason Lewis has just finished the ride of his life after spending 13 years pedalling his way around the world.

Jason Lewis inside his pedal-powered boat

Jason set off on his massive 74,842km adventure from London in a special pedal-powered boat - called Moksha - way back in 1994.

Jason on a bike in the Australian outback

Since then, he's cycled, swam, in-line skated, kayaked, walked or pedalled his boat across five continents, two oceans and a sea to become the first person to circle the globe by human power alone.

Lewis skating in America in 1995. Picture from Expedition 360

It wasn't all plain sailing though... Jason was chased by a crocodile, dodged a shark attack and, while inline-skating in America, even broke both of his legs in a road accident.

Jason leaving San Francisco in America. Picture from Expedition 360

It took him nine months to recover, but as soon as he had, he was back on the road and sea. Here he is leaving San Francisco.

Jason dragging his boat through a mangrove swamp on Melville Island, northern Australia, in 2001  Picture from Expedition 360

Jason had to keep stopping his record-breaking journey to get work so he could raise enough money for the next bit of his trip. That's why it took him so long to finish it.

Jason working with school kids in America. Picture from Expedition 360

It wasn't just about making it into the history books though. Jason's trip was also aimed at raising awareness about the environment by working with school children along the way.

Jason Lewis celebrating the end of his 13-year adventure

He said he'd never thought he'd make it to the finish line in one piece at times and it felt fantastic to have made it. Now we reckon he's probably looking forward to putting his feet up and having a rest, what do you think?

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