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Last Updated: Wednesday October 03 2007 17:56 GMT

Dino's beak was packed with teeth

The dino remains   Picture: Utah Museum Of Natural History

Imagine a beast with HUNDREDS of teeth packed into its giant beak.

Scientists in America have just discovered the remains of a dinosaur with this fearsome feature.

The creature - called Gryposaurus monumentensis - roamed the earth up to 80 million years ago. It had two legs and was around 30ft long.

Scientists say it had 300 teeth in his beak and hundreds more in its jaw, which were waiting to grow through when the others got worn out.

The Gryposaurus was discovered in 2004.

Research on its remains has only just come out.

Similar creatures have been dug up in the past and scientists say they're finding out more and more with each new discovery.

But one thing is still foxing the dino experts.

"We just don't know what this dinosaur ate," said one.

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