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Last Updated: Wednesday October 03 2007 06:07 GMT

Look out, there are bedbugs about

Bedbugs - pic from
Pic from

If you felt a little bit itchy this morning when you woke up, it could be because you're sharing your bed with loads of tiny pests, called bedbugs.

Experts say they're crawling their way into more of our beds and say the little bugs are causing big problems.

The bugs are on the increase because people are travelling more and bringing the unwanted pests home with them.

The creatures feed on human blood and can drink up to seven times their body weight in just 15 minutes.

Bedbug Facts
Bedbugs in a jar
They measure about five millimetres across
They leave really itchy marks on your skin
They don't spread diseases

Bedbugs aren't attracted to dirt, but they can be a pain to get rid of. It's a job for bedbug busters, who use special chemicals to kill them off.

The little critters are quite easy to spot. Lookout for blood spots and insects around sheets and bed frames. They can also leave black poo marks on furniture.

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