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Last Updated: Tuesday October 02 2007 11:53 GMT

Film review: Nancy Drew

Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew

Reviewed by Newsround's Ellie

Release date

October 19 (cert PG)

The stars

Nancy Drew herself is played by relative movie newcomer Emma Roberts (you may know her from Nickelodeon's Unfabulous)

Her dad you might recognise - he's Tate Donovan from OC fame.

Nancy's boyfriend is Max Thieriot, who was apparently in The Astronaut's Farmer, so it's not exactly awash with big names, but it's still worth a look.

The plot

Anyone who's a fan of the Nancy Drew books (I must confess I was) will know she's a crime busting teen wonder-girl. Perfect grades, perfect hair, perfect sleuthing - bit sickening really!

The plot romps along in an exciting way, using the glamorous backdrop of a crumbling old mansion in the Hollywood hills, which used to belong to a faded movie star. It's Nancy's home now but she's sharing it with a creepy caretaker, lots of cobwebs and plenty of spooky noises!

It's full of strange goings on and secret passageways, so plenty for Nancy to turn her magnifying glass on!

Bests bits

Watching Nancy figure out what the grown-ups can't is cool and chuck in plenty of jumpy moments, chases, spooks and some Hollywood glamour - you've got yourself a pretty decent crime busting movie.

Fave characters

Ned (Max Thieriot), Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) and Corky (Josh Flitter)
Nancy herself is an unusual heroine - she's a real geek with not too many friends at her new uber-trendy LA high school. She's much more into fingerprints and listening at doors than boys and clothes and Emma Roberts plays her nicely. Nancy's a goody two shoes for sure, but you wouldn't mind being mates with her, because she's always up to her eyes in full-on mystery.

Any weak bits?

Boyfriend Ned was supposed to be gorgeous, but frankly he seems like a bit of a sap. Dump him Nancy and find yourself a gorgeous Californian boy to sleuth with you!

Hit or miss?

As a big fan of the books, I went in prepared to be disappointed. But I thought Emma did a decent job and the film kept me pretty gripped. If you fancy yourself an amateur super-spy, pick up some tips from Nancy.

NR rating:

Newsround rating

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"I saw it in Australia as it was out there in the summer, and it's amazing! It is really worth seeing!"

Eloise, 11, Norfolk, England