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Last Updated: Monday October 01 2007 07:50 GMT

Zoo shows off amazing animal pics

A tiger cub and a baby bear - pic from ZSL/PA Wire

Lots of amazing pictures of some really cute animals are being shown off by the bosses of London Zoo.

The London Zoological Society has put lots of photos online for the first time, and is hoping to raise money by selling copies of them.

Among the pics people can look at is one from 1914 when a tiny tiger cub and a baby bear met each other.

There are also some very strange images of zebras and llamas pulling people around in carriages.

A llama pulling a carriage - pic from ZSL/PA Wire
This llama pulled people around the zoo in 1920
Caroline George from the London Zoological Society (ZSL) said: "Going through the photos and slides in the library has been a reminder of ZSL London Zoo's astonishing history, and the changes it has undergone in the last century.

"They are particularly fascinating because the gradual transformation of ZSL London Zoo really mirrors the broader changes in our understanding of the environment and animal husbandry too."

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