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Last Updated: Thursday September 27 2007 06:11 GMT

Find out what I do to keep healthy

Press Packer Ryan

Press Packer Ryan loves keeping healthy.

He lives in Belfast in Northern Ireland where he plays lots of sport and has been learning about what foods are good for him.

Read his report.

"Cooking and healthy eating has been a big thing for me at school. We've learnt a lot about what foods are good for us.

We also learn how to cook different things, this week we made a pasta chicken salad and fruit smoothies.

I think I'm really lucky to get classes like this at school.

Like lots of kids my age I love sweets, but I do know what foods are better for me, like fruit and vegetables, and I try to stick to them as often as I can.


When school's over I usually head home and play basketball with my brothers.

Press Packer Ryan and his classmates
Ryan and his mates learn how to cook all sorts of foods
I also like swimming and playing football in my spare time.

Football is great. I play with a local league team.

We came second in the cup and league last year and are hoping to do better this time.

We practice a lot and I really like it because as well as keeping me fit, I like seeing my friends at training.

I've told you what I do to keep healthy.


Ryan, 10, Belfast

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