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Last Updated: Wednesday September 26 2007 13:19 GMT

Allergy sufferers need more help


Much more must be done to help people with allergies, like training school teachers to deal with emergencies.

That's the view of a group of people from the House of Lords, who looked into allergies and say that more and more people are suffering from them.

They said the UK allergy problem is an epidemic, which means many more people are developing allergies than expected.

They called for food warnings - which often say things like "may contain nuts" - to be made much clearer.

It's not just in the UK that the problem is growing, and the group wants scientists to try to work out why it is getting so much worse.

Most common allergies
A man sneezing
Grass and tree pollen
House and dust mites
Pet skin flakes or hair

They also looked into hayfever, saying it could be "devastating" to children, especially when they are trying to take exams.

But they want some action taken before that happens.

The committee wants schools to be given medicine so they are ready to treat pupils with allergic reactions so bad they could die from them.

Around one in four people in the UK are affected by an allergy at some point in their lives.

According to the National Health Service, an allergy is a person's body reacting badly to a particular substance, called an allergen.

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