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Last Updated: Wednesday September 26 2007 11:20 GMT

Quiz: The Chuckle Brothers

The Chuckle Brothers

Question 1

Where were the Chuckle Brothers born?

A: Rotherham
B: Scunthorpe
C: Runcorn

Question 2

Which Chuckle Brother is the eldest?

A: Paul
B: Barry

Question 3

What is the real surname of the brothers (it's not Chuckle!)?

A: Jones
B: Fitzgerald
C: Elliott

Question 4

On which show did the Chuckle Brothers first appear?

A: ChuckleVision
B: The Chucklehounds
C: Chuckle Time

Question 5

The boys have also starred in another CBBC show. What was it called?

A: To Me To You
B: No Slacking
C: Pie In The Eye

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