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Last Updated: Wednesday September 26 2007 10:08 GMT

Chuckle Bros celebrate 20 years

The Chuckle Brothers

For once the Chuckle Brothers may be able to enjoy a cake without having it thrown at them, as they're celebrating their 20th birthday!

Obviously it's not 20 years since Barry and Paul were born, but the birthday of their CBBC show ChuckleVision.

The first ever episode of the show was broadcast on 26 September 1987.

Barry said: "It doesn't seem like 20 years. It feels like two or three. After 20 years we are still coming up with new ideas, which is amazing."

So far the boys have made around 300 episodes of ChuckleVision, and have been to the moon and tracked down the Loch Ness Monster.

The Chuckle Brothers
They've also used their famous phrase "to me, to you, to me, to you" hundreds of times.

Amazingly Barry and Paul didn't realise it would become quite so popular when they started out.

Barry said: "We've used it ever since we were kids at home, if we were moving a chair or something. Then we did it in the first series of ChuckleVision, and people suddenly coming up to us and saying it."

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