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Last Updated: Friday September 21 2007 06:07 GMT

Schools to battle cyber bullies

A child using a mobile phone

Teachers are being told how to stop you from being bullied by people who use mobile phones and computers to do it.

The advice from the government includes taking mobile phones from children who are using them to bully, and how to get nasty things taken off websites.

You may also see adverts appear on some of your fave websites too as part of campaign to cut out the bullying.

Experts want kids to understand that passing on videos or images can make the bullying worse.

The online campaign is called Laugh At It And You're A Part Of It, and will be on websites for around six weeks.

Tips on avoiding cyber bullying
Don't respond to nasty texts or emails
Save any nasty texts and emails to show adults
Report cyber bullying
Keep passwords safe
Don't give out personal details online
Lyndsey Gilbert from the NSPCC said bullying using mobiles and computers - often called cyber bullying - doesn't just hurt kids when they're at school.

She said because kids get texts and emails when they're at home, they can be bullied even when they're supposed to be safe.

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