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Last Updated: Thursday September 20 2007 18:25 GMT

BP's Andy on how to stay healthy

Andy likes footie

Blue Peter's Andy tells us what he does to stay fit and strong for his high-energy job.

"Eating the right food is a great start to having a healthy lifestyle, but - as well as eating healthily - you need to keep fit.

I like skating. It's cool and it means I can get around London without having to wait in traffic all day.
On his skates!
On his skates!

When I was younger, we used to eat quite healthily. I'm Nigerian and a lot of Nigerian food is based on vegetables.


I have to eat healthily because I have to keep my energy levels up.

Last year on Blue Peter, I did a bungee jump out of a helicopter, played swamp football and abseiled down the Humber Bridge - you need LOTS of energy for that!

I like to play football at least once a week to keep fit. Exercise isn't a chore to me - I don't really think about it!"

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