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Last Updated: Wednesday September 19 2007 13:02 GMT

Kids rule TV show desert town

The kids who took part in the reality TV show

There's loads of reality TV shows these days, but what do you think about one that dumps 40 kids in a deserted town to look after themselves for 40 days?

American show Kid Nation follows the eight to 16-year-olds as they try to create their own society in New Mexico, without any adults to help them.

TV bosses have been accused of using the kids for entertainment and there have been reports of accidents on set.

But supporters say the show is just a summer camp surrounded by TV cameras.

Child safety experts disagree and say producers are breaking strict American laws about how long children are allowed to work.

Some of the kids who took part in the reality TV show
The kids have to do all their own cooking and cleaning as well

Parents had to sign a really long contract to let their children take part in the show and said they were happy that their kids were safe.

But are the kids enjoying it?

One girl said: "Kids can make a better society and a cooler society at the same time which is pretty awesome to think about."

But one of the boys didn't seem to be enjoying it as much. He said: "I guess I just wanted something different, but not this different."

Jobs done

The idea for the show is based on a book called Lord of the Flies, about a group of boys who get stuck on a desert island and soon start behaving really badly.

In Kid Nation, the kids have to look after themselves in Bonanza County, an old Mexican mining town that's been deserted for more than 100 years.

They have to make sure all the jobs get done and even set up their own police force. In return, every week one of the kids won a gold star worth 10,000.

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