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Last Updated: Wednesday September 19 2007 10:39 GMT

What are Eurosceptics?

People protesting against the Euro

Some Eurosceptics feel that the UK is different from other European countries.

They are often worried that the UK is losing its independence and identity.

One of the British political parties within the parliament don't want the UK to be in the Union at all. They are called the UK Independence Party or UKIP.

UKIP logo
The UK Independence Party currently have 10 members of the European Parliament. They use their positions to campaign for British withdrawal from the EU.

UKIP believe that closer economic and political union will be bad for Britain. They want to replace Britain's membership of the European Union with agreements on free trade and co-operation.

UKIP got 16.1% of the votes cast in the 2004 European elections in Great Britain. They didn't win, but by increasing their share of the vote by 10% they became the big story of that campaign.

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