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Last Updated: Tuesday October 02 2007 10:20 GMT

Could you live in a world without adults?

Some of the kids who took part in the reality show Kid Nation

An American reality TV show has been made about a group of kids who were left to look after themselves in an empty desert town in New Mexico.

The eight to 16-year-olds had to create their own society in the town without any help from adults and that got us thinking... Could you live in a world without adults?

Would you relish the chance to be able to do what you like? Or would you be scared about having to decide where to live and how to look after yourself?

Maybe you think it would teach you to be more independent? Or is it dangerous leaving young kids to their own devices?

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Your comments

"Well, it depends. I am rather independent for my age since most of the kids don't do the stuff that I do at this age. I guess that yes, we would need adults to look after us."

Haylie, 12, London, England

"I think it has quite a few good points, like children will know what being an adult is like. They will know what their responsibilities will be when they're adults and they will know how their parents feel."

Rhian, 12, Ivybridge, England

"It would give you lots of freedom and teach you how to do stuff, but there should be someone to step in."

Hayley, 11, America

"Even though adults can be annoying, it's for a reason. They are always there to care."

Leonna, 10, Chingford, England

"I think I would love to live on my own. It would make me more independent and at my age it would be easy!"

Luana, 10, Croydon, England

"I would love to! I just saw the TV show and it looked like so much fun!"

Victoria, 10, Marietta, USA

"Everyone would think it was brilliant at first, and it would be! No teachers, no homework, no jobs, no work! But after a week everyone would realize that THEY have to cook the dinners and THEY have to sweep the floor and THEY have to sew that hole in your shirt!"

Eleanor, 12, Galway, Ireland

"No, because if we get injured we won't have someone to help us. Children won't play fair either and will get into fights and then adults won't be able to sort it out."

Zack, 9, Eastbourne, England

"I couldn't live in a world without parents because you would have to earn your own money to pay the bills."

Lee, 10, Kings Lynn, England

"It's an interesting question. The children who could probably cope the best would be the ones who are closest to maturity as adults are meant to be. So if you had mature kids then they would have the same kind of sensibility as an adult, so psychologically it isn't living without adults."

Collette, 13, Bushey, England

"It would be cool at first but if you couldn't cook, who would?"

James, 11, Inverness, Scotland

"I think it would be a good lesson for us kids, then we would know how hard life is!"

Shynell, 12, London, England

"I think it sounds really interesting! I can cook a lot of meals and cook lunch and a pasta dish on Saturdays. I really enjoy cooking but I don't think I'd like cleaning much!"

Lily, 12, Cambridge, England

"I think that this could be a very good experience for the younger boys and girls."

Mari, 10, Haslet, America

"I'd love living in a world without adults. We could do anything we wanted without them complaining all the time."

Alexis, 12, Cleveland, USA

"I think that it would be fun as we wouldn't have to do our homework or tidy our room. After a while it would be horrible because no one could cook our food and wash our clothes and any of the other stuff adults do."

Rachel, 13, Southend, England

"I think a world without adults would be complete chaos! We need adults to look after us, cook for us and make sure we get to bed on time! Plus, no one would get a very good education!"

Holly, 11, Brighton, England

"It sounds like a great idea, so long as the production team steps in if it starts to go wrong."

Jack, 13, Steplehurst, England

"At first it'd be absolutely fab, no parents to nag or boss you around or moan at you. Then you'd need to know how to clean and work properly. There'd be no teachers and eventually we'd all grow into adults and then it'd be easier. Everyone has a boss and as a kid it's your parents. We need adults."

Lizzie, 11, England

"I think it wouldn't be that good to live in a world without adults because there would be nobody in charge and everything would go terribly wrong!"

Aimee, 13, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I think that it would be good at first, but after a while it would become hard. You would have to do everything and I think it would teach me not to take things for granted."

Olivia, 13, Liverpool, England

"I think there should be at least 1 adult per 10 kids in case anything goes wrong."

Collin, 13, London, England

"Absolutely not! The adults who live around me I need for my education and living!"

Ginni, 11, Doncaster, England

"I think in some aspects it would be great but in others not so. In the past children had to leave home to start a new life. I also think it would help them become more independent in later life and not be so dependant on our parents as kids nowadays are. It would be bad too because you need adults to help you with things you may not have experienced. In short I think it's a good idea."

Kirsten, 11, Dingwall, Scotland

"I could never live in a world without adults. You need them to sort out arguments and buy you stuff. Also, they need to clean. Ha-ha!"

Amelia, 11, Atherstone, England

"I think it's ok to put them in a desert on their own to see what it's like and to see what they can do by themselves."

James, 11, Rugby, England

"NO WAY! I would go insane! It wouldn't be good because if you fall or something you wouldn't know exactly what to do. You would probably end up ill because you didn't know how to cook food properly."

Jill, 13, Ards, Northern Ireland

"I think that if adults weren't around then who would we look up to? Who would be there to give a helping hand? Yes, there would be friends but mums are always the best! Yes there would probably be no rules but then nobody would be able to stop bullying. You'd have no education and nobody would be able to control kids. Then the world would be crazy and everyone would probably be naughty!"

Bethany, 11, Brighouse, England

"I think that it will be a good lesson for when you are older and need to get used to making decisions yourself."

Kimmi, 12, Halstead, England

"I don't really think we could live without adults because it just wouldn't work. I mean, if you didn't have adults who would look after you, get the money, deal with all the things you wont know about before finishing an education? Who would teach you your education? I just don't think it would work."

Anna, 11, Orpington, England

"I think that it would be fun to begin with. After a while everything would get really messed up and the whole world would be in trouble! I would like to be the first child Prime Minister though!"

Lily, 11, Nottinghamshire, England

"At first it sounded like a great idea but in reality we would find it extremely difficult. You would find education hard because all the things like money, shelter and food you have to try to get rather than depending on your parents."

Katie, 12, Cambridge, England

"Living without adults would be great fun! I think if everyone learnt to get along it would be great! Like a mini big brother! Sign me up!"

Hannah, 13, Suffolk, England

"Adults are actually exactly the same as us except older, cleverer and (more) mature. To be completely honest with you, I don't think I could live without them!"

Kate, 12, Woking, England

"I think kids would say that they would want a world with no parents but we wouldn't be able to last very long. Every society has to have a leader and in ours it's the parents."

Jonathan, 12, Hertford, England

"I think that at first it would be absolutely awesome, but then you would have to do loads of boring stuff, like cleaning and cooking everyday. So, maybe it wouldn't be as good then."

Melissa, 13, Grange-over-Sands, England

"It sounds like a great idea, but it might make kids too independent and make them leave home too early."

Aimee, 12, Ivybridge, England

"Lots of people would probably say that they would love to live without adults, but in reality I think we do need them until we are clever enough to look after ourselves."

Beth, 12, Doha, Qatar

"It's a kind of crazy yet workable idea. If a child hurts themselves are some of the kids trained to be doctors and if so by who? Who can drive?"

Serena, 12, London, England