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Last Updated: Thursday September 20 2007 04:59 GMT

I think bus fares are unfair

Press Packer Holly

Press Packer Holly wrote to Newsround because she thinks it's unfair that children where she lives have to pay bus fares.

Using her pocket money for bus fares means Holly doesn't have much money left, especially during the holidays.

Here's her story.

"I have recently started going out with my friends and using public transport to get around independently, but I have become annoyed at how expensive bus fares are.

There are more than 30 different bus companies in my area, all of which charge children a fare of 75p to 1.00 to travel to one of the local towns.

Save up

I receive 3.00 pocket money a week.

So when it's the holidays I try to save up over two or three weeks in advance.


Sometimes I had to ask my mum to use the car and give me a lift.

This really annoyed me because firstly, I want to have my independence. I don't want my mum driving me around.

Secondly, I'm concerned about environmental issues.

We're being given all these messages about trying to be more eco-friendly and not using cars so much.

Local council

Newsround helped me go to London to interview Rosie Winterton, the Minister for Transport - she's in charge of all the transport around the country.

She told me that the reason bus fares aren't free everywhere is because money goes to the local councils and they decide what they do with it.

I thought it was interesting and now I'm to go to discuss it with my local council.


What I really want is free bus fares for children.

We can't work or earn money and like most parents, my mum and dad haven't got money to keep giving me.

I also want my freedom to go out by myself."

Holly, 12, Wallasey

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