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Last Updated: Wednesday September 19 2007 04:30 GMT

Kids 'see signs of child poverty'

Scene from Newsround's child poverty programme - The Wrong Trainers

Child poverty is a big issue - and it seems lots of you think you can tell when one of your friends comes from a poorer family.

A survey found that nearly half of kids think children who don't have a proper school uniform or miss out on school trips don't have much money at home.

Other ways kids judged how wealthy their mates were included whether they gave presents or owned a mobile phone.

The survey is part of a campaign to help stamp out child poverty.

The organisation behind it - Dare to Care - wants to encourage more people to volunteer to take part in schemes to help lift kids out of poverty.

More than 700 seven to 16-year-olds were quizzed in the survey.

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