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Last Updated: Wednesday September 12 2007 16:43 GMT

Mobiles 'don't damage' health

People on mobiles

Millions of people in the UK who own a mobile phone aren't damaging their health by using it, according to the results of a massive new study.

Researchers tested the effect radiation from mobiles has on people's balance and looked at whether using a mobile phone damages the inside of our ears.

Their results suggest it doesn't, but they said more research was needed into the effects of mobiles on children.

They also want to find out if long-term use increases the risk of cancer.

The results of the study also suggest that mobiles....

  • DON'T harm the cells in the body that we need to keep us healthy
  • DON'T affect how our brain works
  • DON'T increase the risk of us getting cancer in the short term

We asked you if you were worried about making calls on your mobile.

Georgia, 9, said: "I only use my mobile phone to text and play games because when I try to call it hurts my ears."

Georgia, 9

Alliah, 9, said she mostly liked to text her friends or play games on it: "I'm not really worried about using my mobile phone because I don't like talking on it."

At the moment, the Government says kids should only use mobile phones for essential calls and even then you should keep the call as short as possible.

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