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Last Updated: Thursday September 13 2007 10:24 GMT

Quiz: My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance

Question 1

When did the band first get together?

A: 2000
B: 2001
C: 2002

Question 2

Who wasn't in the original line-up?

A: Mikey Way
B: Ray Toro
C: Bob Bryar

Question 3

What was the band's first UK number one single?

A: Helena
B: Welcome to the Black Parade
C: Teenagers

Question 4

Which band did they record a cover of Under Pressure with?

A: Green Day
B: The Used
C: Fall Out Boy

Question 5

Who is the song Helena about?

A: Gerard and Mikey Way's grandma
B: Bob Bryar's aunt
C: Frank Iero's sister

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