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Last Updated: Wednesday September 05 2007 16:32 GMT

Q&A with toy expert Ronnie Dungan

Toy expert Ronnie Dungan

More of your favourite toys are being recalled by the company that makes them, because they may not be safe.

Toy-maker Mattel is asking people to send back more than 800,000 toys from around the world - which were made in China - because of problems with the paint.

Lots of you have been worried about what you should do if you think you've got some of the affected toys so we asked toy expert Ronnie Dungan for his advice.

What should you do if you think you've got one of these toys?

If you feel that you've got one of the products on this list then you should tell your mum and dad and they can contact the people who make them.

There is a special number set up for that - 01628 500 303 - and they will send out a replacement product for you free of charge.

There's nothing too much to be worried about. It's just that the toy companies have to be extra safe when it comes to testing their products and making sure they are safe for children.

Has this sort of thing increased or is it because we're more aware of problems now?

In the past couple of weeks, it has increased but that's because a lot of these products are made in China and one or two of the factories haven't been sticking to the strict rules that they should stick to.

But the American toy companies that use these factories have sorted this out now and they're trying to get to the bottom of what's gone wrong.

How much danger am I in from my own toys making me ill?

There's no real danger. Toy companies have to be extra strict about the way they make products so they're just being extra safe with the recall.

You'd have to come into contact with lots and lots of these products for there to be any sort of danger at all.

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