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Last Updated: Thursday October 18 2007 11:24 GMT

Single Review: Girls Aloud - Sexy! No No No...

Girls Aloud

Release date

Out now

The sound

Things have been quiet on the Girls Aloud front since their Comic Relief collaboration with Sugababes - the noisy and raucous Aerosmith and Run DMC cover "Walk This Way".

By the sounds of Sexy! No No No, it doesn't seem like they want to settle down any time soon.

The song is yet another sample of their perfect pop: bold, sassy, slightly loopy and unbelievably catchy.

The words

Well, Girls Aloud lyrics have never exactly rivalled Shakespeare, and Sexy!... is no exception.

It sounds as though they're trying a different approach to getting the guy - instead of being "sexy", they've backed off.

But then they say that doing that is sexy, so the point they're trying to make is... who knows?!

It's best to keep the tune for dancing to, rather than thinking about.

Will you still be humming it next week?

Most likely! Girls Aloud songs have a knack of being hard-wired into your head from the first time you hear them.

Will it make the charts?

It's already at number four in the midweek chart, and will most likely continue their run of top 10 successes.

NR rating:

Newsround rating: four out of five

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Your Comments

"This song isn't creative at all - the person who wrote this song needs to think outside of the box! There are more issues out there they could sing about other than men!"

Naomi, 12, Loughborough, England

"Girls Aloud have changed too much. They used to be all bright and pop-ish, but this new video is just scary."

Gavin, 12, Tredagar, Wales

"This is the best Girls Aloud CD ever! All the songs, including Sexy! No No No, are fantastic! I think that Girls Aloud have done a brill job!"

Lauren, 11, Sleaford, England

"Best song yet - 100,000,000 stars!"

Megan, 13, London, UK

"I love it, it is so different to what they have done before - go Girls Aloud!"

Zoe, 13, Manchester, England

"I love the new song. It's so catchy and repetitive which is what a songs needs. But the video gets a big NO! Its too confusing and there are too many things going on at once, such as they're always changing outfits!"

Amy, 13, Kendal, UK

"I think the new song is fab! Really catchy and great to dance to."

Emma, 12, Leamington Spa, England

"I love Girls Aloud and their songs just get better and better. I love this song!"

Will, 13, Leicester, England

"I love it! The video is a bit weird, but I'll get used to it because I'm a HUGE fan of Girls Aloud!"

Katie, 9, Stockport

"I think that Girls Aloud's new song is really catchy and creative. It's my fave song so far and Girls Aloud are also my fave band!"

Hannah, 10, Yeovil, England

"Girls Aloud used to be a good band but they have changed a lot."

Georgia, 9, Middlesbrough, England

"I think it's terrible, there's no real tune or lyrics. And the video is scary!"

Grace, 13, Swanley, England

"This is the best song this year! Must be No 1!"

Graham, 12, Exeter, England

"It's an OK song, but what was with those huge bloated dresses in the video!?"

Eden, 8, Ardrishaig, Scotland

"I thought it was quite good!"

Lauren, 10, Essex, England

"I don't like the song or the video, it freaks me out!"

Katie, 12, Stoke, England

"I like Girls Aloud. I've heard better from them, but it is still really catchy."

Leanne, 11, Manchester, England

"Very good, I loved every minute of it!"

Charlie, 11, Darlington, England

"In the music video they look like sumo wrestlers!"

Sian, 12, Poole, England

"I like the video, but I think Girls Aloud have had better singles."

Eve, 12, South Shields, UK

"It's utter rubbish! I like GA but this song is more like Sexy! Not Not Not... It's annoying and pointless with no proper beat or chorus, but it is catchy. I think it will get to number two even though But it's rubbish."

Amii, 13, Wolverhampton, UK

"Girls Aloud changed too much from their old style and have lost my interest. Their songs just bore me now."

Emma, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think this is a really dancey tune that all ages will love. It's a brilliant song!"

Lucie, 13, Liverpool, England

"I hate it, it's so cheesy and boring. Pussycat Dolls are way better!"

Hazel, 12, London, England

"It's good, but there are some bits I don't like."

Irfan, 10, Birmingham, England

"I love that song - it rocks my socks! Whoop whoop!"

Lydi, 10, Morda

"It's a fantastic song, it definitely deserves No. 1. I'm still humming it now!"

Zoe, 10, Buckley, Wales

"This is brilliant! Definitely deserves No. 1!"

Graham, 12, Exeter

"I thought the song was brilliant, I am their No. 1 fan!"

Abigail, 8, Upminster, England

"I think that it is a really good song and I LOVE the music video!"

Sam, 13, Cheam, England

"It is a good song, but I think they can do better."

James, 10, Harrow, England

"The song isn't their best but isn't their worst either."

Paige, 13, Wanstead, England