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Last Updated: Friday August 31 2007 12:19 GMT

Giant sticky spider web spotted

Giant spider web

A lot of people are scared of spiders, but imagine getting stuck inside a web made by millions of them!

A giant web, around twice the size of a football pitch, has been spotted in a national park in Texas in America.

Park worker Donna Garde said: "It was so white it looked like fairyland. Now it's filled with so many mosquitoes that it's turned a little brown."

And it seems that while some visitors to the park are desperate to go and see it, others are far too scared.

A spider on a web
Park rangers aren't sure why all the spiders made the web together and say that although this sort of thing is very rare, it has happened before.

Now lots of spider experts are spinning their way to Texas to try to find out what sort of spiders have made the web.

They'll need to hurry though, as the web will start to disappear in the autumn when the spiders begin to die.

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