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Last Updated: Thursday August 30 2007 15:51 GMT

Anger growing over Greek fires

Fire in Greece

People in Greece are becoming more and more angry over how the devastating wild fires which have hit their country are being dealt with.

Lots of people think the government didn't do enough to stop the fires, and thousands are waiting to collect aid which is being given out.

Although most of the fires have been put out, there are still fears more might break out soon.

Weathermen say a heatwave is on the way which could spark more blazes.

Mark Friedrich
French fireman Mark Friedrich

Firemen from lots of different countries have been helping fight the flames.

Newsround spoke to Mark Friedrich, head of a French fire crew.

He said there are still big risks involved: "The fire is dangerous when the wind turns and surprises the firefighters."

Police think lots of the fires were started on purpose, and 30 people have been arrested.

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