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Last Updated: Thursday October 18 2007 11:23 GMT

Book Review: Hurricane Gold

Hurricane Gold

Charlie Higson

Publication date

3 September 2007

The story

After last term's danger and excitement, James is taken out of school by his aunt. They go to Mexico where he can relax and soak up some sun, while she gets ready for an expedition tracking an ancient Mayan tribe in the rainforest.

To keep out of harm's way, James is left with the children of an American WWII hero called Jack Stone: the young boy JJ and his sister, the spoilt and wretched (but incredibly beautiful) Precious.

But things don't stay calm for long. A hurricane rips apart the Stone household, and the children are left to fight for survival and caught in a political storm of their own - with deadly gangsters, stolen government documents and an island where the worst criminals of the world can live like kings, but never leave...

The characters

James Bond needs no introduction; he is a legend! It's really interesting to see him as a young boy, learning lessons that will set him up for his incredible career as a super spy.

Precious Stone (get it?) starts off as an awful character: rude, nasty and childish. As the book goes on though, she grows up so much and becomes a real heroine. She's one of the few Bond girls to match James in ability, determination and cleverness, as opposed to just looking pretty!

El Huracan is the foreboding villain who oversees the island of Lagrimas Negras. He is king of the criminals, living off their blood money and punishing those who try to escape by putting them through La Avenida de la Muerte - the Avenue of Death.


Without a doubt the most exciting parts of the book are set in the Avenida de la Muerte - it's like a deadlier and gorier Bushtucker Trial!

Any weak bits?

The story occasionally struggles to keep up the pace when James and Precious are on the road, and the climax of the book is just a little bit too unbelievable, but apart from that there's no faults at all. It's a fantastic book from start to finish.


Absolutely. You just never know if James is going to make it to the next page alive!

NR rating:
Five out of five

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Your Comments

"It is unputdownable! I've been hooked on the whole series and I'm delighted to hear there's another one coming next year!"

Hannah, 12, Durham, UK

"This is an amazing book and I'm lovin' it!"

Andrew, 9, Amersham

"It is a very interesting book - if you start reading it you want to read it till the end! If I have to vote it out of 10 I would give it 100!"

Alina, 12, Manchester

"It is a very boring book, I'd only give it three out of ten."

Amber, 10, London

"It reminds me of the Bond films with Pierce Brosnan, and they were rubbish."

Pedom, 11, London, England

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