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Last Updated: Friday September 28 2007 11:03 GMT

Single review: Rihanna - Shut Up & Drive


Release date

Out now

The sound

Rihanna's back and she thinks it's time to put her Umbrella (ella, ella) away once and for all. This time her focus is driving around in her car.

Fans expecting another mix of pop and R'n'B might be surprised by Rihanna's latest offering. Shut Up and Drive is a rock-fuelled pop tune, kicking off with a heavy guitar riff. It's a powerful record that sounds great!

The words

It's all about Rihanna wanting someone to drive her around in her new car, she wants someone to take control now, but can they handle it?

"Baby, you got the keys, shut up and drive." She's very direct, a little rude even!

Will you still be humming it next week?

With such a catchy chorus, this is another song likely to stick in your head. It's also a lot less likely to annoy you than Umbrella, which is a real bonus.

Will it make the charts?

Umbrella was at the top of the singles chart for a whopping 10 weeks. Whilst Shut Up and Drive isn't likely to set the charts alight in quite the same way, we think this has number one hit written all over it!

NR rating:

Newsround rating: four out of five

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Your Comments

"Just like the song Tainted Love was ripped off in S.O.S., this song is a rip-off of the song Blue Monday by the 80's rock band New Order. Is she even original, or are all her hits just rip-offs of other artists?"

Mark, 12, Toronto, Canada

"I like this song as much as Umbrella and my friend likes it too, but I keep on singing it and now she thinks it is annoying. I stopped singing it and she likes it again!"

Isabelle, 12, Florida, USA

"Rihanna is definitely my favourite singer and in my opinion it's the best song she ever did! Unfaithful is my second favourite. I think it's really catchy and the tune's so infectious!"

Maria, 11

"I think that Rihanna tried too hard with this song since Umbrella was such a success. I hate both songs but just love her old ones. She's trying too hard to be 'in'."

Laura, 12, Dublin, Ireland

"I think Shut Up and Drive is just amazing, maybe even better than Umbrella. I love Rihanna so much I had my hair cut so that it would look just like hers!"

Sian, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"I think Rihanna is great! I love the song. I listen to it nearly every day."

Lauren, 9, Carluke, Scotland

"I think Shut Up And Drive is the best song she has ever done!"

Nickeee, 12, Peterlee, England

"This song is FAB! I've got it on my mobile and I'm addicted to it."

Ellie, 12, Hendon, England

"This song is fantastic. Umbrella was good but this song is FAB! Five stars! Best song ever!"

Katie, 10, St Helens, England

"I think Rihanna is a great singer and her new album is fab, I love it! I think she is a really good role model and she is my total style icon!"

Naomi, 13, Newton Abbot

"I heard this song on the radio and it's very catchy. My brother hates Rihanna but he keeps on singing this song because he thinks it's catchy as well. This song is really original, I think it could make it no 1 but won't stick around for as long as Umbrella did!"

Amber, 11, Rochester

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