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Last Updated: Friday August 31 2007 08:45 GMT

Do gadgets stop you sleeping?

Sleeping person

Having too many gadgets in your room means some kids only get four hours sleep a night, according to a new survey.

Experts found loads of 12-16-year-olds are watching TV or playing computer games in their rooms until really late, so they're shattered at school the next day.

But what do you think? Have you got so many gadgets in your room that they distract you from sleeping?

Do you find yourself falling asleep while your TV, computer or games console is still on?

Or maybe your room is a gadget-free zone?

E-mail and let us know!

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Your comments

"Nothing could stop me sleeping! Yeah, maybe I stay up late at times but I never stay up that late! I know when to go to bed!"

Emily, 12, Warrington, England

"I sometimes stay on MSN until 2-3am. School or not, I can never get up in the morning anyway so it doesn't make much difference."

Frank, 13, Liverpool, England

"I have a CD player, radio, DS and iPod in my room but as I have a bunk bed I would have to climb down to get them and put them away. This is silly as I need the sleep more than the game."

Hannah, 13, Cirencester, England

"I have a computer, a radio and a DS but it has nothing to do with me going to sleep. I think that people are just saying it because they don't like them but we do"

Katie, 9, Roehampton, England

"I don't find they distract me from sleeping. In fact, I use a radio to get me to sleep every night."

Callum, 10, Birmingham, England

"I don't have any gadgets in my room so it's not a problem. I think it's stupid that so many kids have their own computer/TV/Playstation in their room when they're only 9 or 10!"

Rebekah, 11, Isle of Wight, England

"I used to have a TV in my room. I decided I wanted it taken away because I used to watch it all the time at night. Now it's gone I feel much brighter and healthier!"

Francesca, 12, Tunbridge Wells, England

"I always go on my sister's computer. When I go to bed I always think about it and it stops me from sleeping."

Carrie, 11, Haverhill, England

"I have two gadgets in my room, they don't stop me from sleeping. I normally use gadgets in the morning and I read before I go to bed. An interesting book stops me from sleeping!"

Pamela, 12, Reading, England

"The only gadget I have in my room is my radio. I listen to it until about 9.30pm. After that I go to sleep because I know I can listen to it any time. My radio doesn't stop me from going to bed."

Ottilie, 13, Devon, England

"I think playing with games consoles before bed is fine as long as you don't carry on through the night. I used to have a computer in my room but I was banned - now I only go on it for an hour so I get a good night's sleep."

Megan, 10, England

"I've got a TV in my room and it helps me go to sleep. It kind of settles me so I don't feel as uneasy but my mum usually comes in and turns it off for me. She says it's bad for my brain but I don't mind because I don't wake up in the night. Lol."

Alliyah, 12, London, England

"I have a TV in my room but I only watch it till half eight, then I read till nine. I go to sleep after that. If I can't get to sleep then I play on my DS for 15 minutes but, I'm not addicted - it's not very often I'm up late."

Kate, 11, Holcombe, England

"Sometimes at the weekend I spend the whole day playing on the computer and don't get to sleep until 10pm, which means I get very, very tired! On school nights though, my mummy makes sure I get to bed early. I love school!"

Sammi, 9, Essex, England

"I have loads of gadgets in my room though it doesn't stop me sleeping at all. Actually books stop me sleeping because they are so interesting! I prefer playing my gadgets in the morning... at night I'm useless! I keep losing!"

Qabass, 11, Neasden, England

"I have a TV in my room and it actually makes me sleep better because it's like a night-light."

Alice, 11, Barnsley, England

"It's not gadgets that stop me sleeping, it's books! I am always reading a book late at night."

Sophie, 8, Sabran, France

"I must admit, sleep seems boring when I have all these gadgets around that I could play on instead. Why sleep when I could be having fun?"

Jake, 12, St Austell, England

"I go to bed at nine, but I stay up for one hour and listen to my mp3 player. However, my parents think I'm asleep!"

Theresa, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"I have a PSP, TV, DS, handheld TV, and a mobile phone. Sometimes I play on my PSP before bed, I'm on it for hours then after that I listen to music on my phone. My dad says I'm too spoilt, but I don't think I am!"

Tom, 11, Chester, England

"I think this is just getting ridiculous. People are just finding more and more excuses to make things like PlayStations and computers sound really bad."

Sam, 13, Hertford, England

"I can't get to sleep without reading or watching TV first. I think that stimulating my brain helps me sleep instead of just sitting bored in a darkened room!"

Molly, 12, London, England

"I don't really have that many gadgets. My computer is always turned off, my karaoke machine is always off and I only watch my telly on Saturday."

Caroline, 12, Chatham, England

"I think that parents should take part of the responsibility for how long their children play on their gadgets."

Erin, 10, Southampton, England

"I have many gadgets in my room such as my TV, radio and PS2. I know when I should go to sleep because I've learnt how awful you feel the next morning. I usually listen to my radio when going to sleep as that helps me drift off!"

Danae, 12, Chorley, England

"I normally fall asleep with my TV still on but my mom or dad turns it off."

Jennie, 11, Kidderminster, England

"My computer and Xbox stop me sleeping because I play a lot of games and never get bored! When I wake up in the morning I'm really tired. It's mostly watching films that gets me sleepy!"

Ayman, 11, Oxford, England

"I don't have a television in my room. At night I just read my book and in the morning I feel fresh and ready to go."

Hannah, 12, Wales

"I don't have anything in my room so I don't stay up late playing games or watching TV. This is so I'm not tired at school."

Victoria, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I have a TV in my room and I usually do watch TV before going to bed. I find it sometimes helps me to get to bed and when I need to wake up I just wash my face with cold water."

Sophie-Jane, 12, London, England

"It's not our fault that we have too many gadgets in our rooms that stop us sleeping. It's the people that make the gadgets because they make the adverts on TV saying that they are really good. So we get them and they make us addicted to playing games so we get less sleep."

Anna, 12, Newcastle, England

"Well, I don't have many gadgets in my room! There's a TV but it only works for videos so I don't use it very much. I like reading in bed. Sometimes that's the only time I read books! My mum gets a bit angry!"

Lily, 11, Portugal

"I don't think it matters to me because my parents won't let me have a telly or anything in my room. I go to sleep around nine and I wake up really early (5 or 6). That's nothing to do with gadgets, I just can't help it!"

Anna, 11, Orpington, England

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