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Last Updated: Tuesday August 28 2007 09:40 GMT

I started a railway safety campaign

Press Packer Stephanie

Children playing on the railways used to be a big problem in the part of Scotland where Press Packer Stephanie lives, until she decided to do something about it.

Here's her report.

"I decided to start a railway safety campaign because of the railway line that runs through Glasgow, Edinburgh and my home town, Belshill, in Lanarkshire.

It's one of the worst areas in Scotland for children playing on the railway line but thanks to my campaign the number of accidents has dropped from 21 in 2005-6 to just two over the past year.

But it's still a problem in other parts of the UK.

Up to 60 people are killed on the railway every year by crossing the tracks, taking shortcuts, messing around or playing chicken.

Craig Bowman being interviewed by Press Packer Stephanie
Craig Bowman said summer is the worst time for kids trespassing on railways

I spoke to Craig Bowman, who works for the company that looks after the railway lines, and he said the summer is one of the worst times of the year for kids trespassing on the tracks.

Did you know that a train travelling at 125mph takes the length of 20 football pitches to stop? Scary stuff.

That's why I decided to tell all the kids at my school about the dangers of getting too close to the tracks.


I take special assemblies to tell all the pupils about the dangers of the railway and look after the school's junior rail safety reps notice board.

I also organise special competitions with my teacher, Mrs Woodward and earlier this year, all this hard work won us an award from the company that looks after the railways.

Want to know what other kids at my school think of the campaign?

I asked 10-year-old Alex, who said: "I think it's a great idea. Before we had junior rail reps I didn't know how dangerous railways could be."

Stephanie, 11, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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