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Last Updated: Saturday August 25 2007 09:59 GMT

Bank holiday jellyfish warning

Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish

Experts are warning people to be careful after a dangerous creature has been found washed up on our beaches.

A kind of jellyfish called the Portuguese Man-o'-War has been spotted. Their sting is very dangerous and can even hurt when they're dead.

They're not normally found in waters round the UK. It is thought warmer weather could be attracting them.

Experts say people should keep an eye out for them while out on the beach.

Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish
The creature found on the beach wasn't very big
Any sightings of the creatures should be reported to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust's marine strandings hotline on 0845 201 2626.

The Portuguese Man-o'-War isn't actually a jellyfish, but is instead a lot of tiny creatures called hydrozoans, which live at the bottom of a clear sac, which floats.

Underneath the sac are tentacles, where the creature's stings are, and these are used to catch food.

If you do get stung - you should put the stung area into really warm or really cold water - and get to a doctor.

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