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Last Updated: Friday August 24 2007 14:44 GMT

Scientists find fearsome fish

A Chauliodus Sloan - Apex News & Pictures

This fearsome looking creature may look like the latest monster from Doctor Who, but it's actually here on earth already - deep, deep underwater.

It's called a Chauliodus sloani - also known as a viper fish - and was spotted by a British research team.

The team spent five weeks searching the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is a range of underwater mountains.

They spotted the Chauliodus sloani there, as well as other creatures that have never been seen before.

The researchers from the University of Aberdeen think a type of shrimp they spotted may be a brand new species.


They used one of the most advanced scientific boats in the world, called the Royal Research Ship, James Cook, to search the ridge.

The crew brought back pictures of some of the creatures they found, as well as some of the actual animals themselves so they can be studied.

The results will be used as part of a big 10-year plan to find out as much as possible about the oceans, called the Census of Marine Life.

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