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Last Updated: Tuesday August 21 2007 07:10 GMT

Cartoon ads 'make kids want junk'

Kellogg's Frosties and The Pink Panther Jammy Wheels

If cartoon characters are used to promote unhealthy food, does that make you lot want to try it?

Many anti-junk food campaigners reckon that it does and they're calling for a crackdown to stop it happening.

A recent report claimed that sweets companies are targeting kids with cartoons and games on their websites.

And it seems that you're into them because a poll of nearly 3,000 kids showed that 20% of them went online to check out the latest snacks.

Nearly half of the kids said they would buy or eat more of a certain snack if they had seen it online or played a game about it.


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The campaigners are also annoyed about toy giveaways with junk food.

New rules

Earlier this year, new rules on showing advertisements for unhealthy food during kids' TV time were brought in.

Many campaigners say that food companies are finding other ways to target children and these need to be cracked down on too.

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