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Last Updated: Tuesday August 21 2007 14:03 GMT

Hurricane Dean hits Mexican coast

The storm bashes Mexico

Hurricane Dean has moved into parts of Mexico as it continues to cause chaos in the Caribbean and Central America.

The storm isn't as strong as it was and has been downgraded from a Category Five - the most powerful there is - to a Category Three.

Tens of thousands of tourists decided to leave hotels and resorts in Mexico before the storm arrived.

A Mexican oil company evacuated almost 20,000 workers from its oil rigs in the Bay of Campeche.

Category Five storms are very unusual and only three of them have struck the US since 1935.

As well as the high winds, Hurricane Dean is also likely to bring lots of flooding, as the storm makes the waves much higher than normal.

The hurricane is expected to leave land soon and head back out to sea before striking land in a different part of Mexico again on Wednesday.

Weather experts think it will get stronger again when it passes over water, but it isn't expected to get back up to a Category Five.

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Hurricane Dean has already caused chaos in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.