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Last Updated: Tuesday August 21 2007 06:33 GMT

I'm proud of being ginger!

Press Packer Catherine with Charlie Clements who plays Bradley Branning in Eastenders

Press Packer Catherine has ginger hair. She thinks it's wrong when other children call her mean names just because she's a redhead.

Catherine and most of her family are redheads and they are all proud of it. Here's her report.

"There's nothing unusual about me, I'm just a normal 10-year-old girl.

Except sometimes people pick on me because I have ginger hair.

It's not my fault I'm ginger but so what if my hair colour is different - it's just my hair.

It doesn't make me any different to anyone else and I'm not hurting anyone by having different colour hair.

All my family have red hair and we're all very proud of it.

Press Packer Catherine
Press Packer Catherine

People wouldn't like it if I went around shouting "oi boring brunette" or "dumb blonde" at people in the street.

I don't understand why do people think it's fair to pick on gingers?


I asked Dr Angharad Rudkin about it.

She helps children who are bullied and picked on.

She explained that the children who call me names are only doing it because they like to find something different in people.

By picking on me, they are saying that I don't fit into their group.


I also met Charlie Clements - he's famous for playing Bradley Branning in EastEnders. Hair colour hasn't stopped him from being successful.

He reckons it's good to get more ginger people on television because everyone looks different. Being ginger actually got him the role as Bradley in EastEnders.

I know I could always dye my hair. But that's not going to happen because I like the way I look.

I reckon if anyone's got a problem with gingers, they should keep it to themselves."

Catherine, 10, Lancashire

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