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Last Updated: Sunday August 12 2007 08:03 GMT

I had my own book published!

Young author Al

Most children are happy to spend their spare time reading books, but Press Packer Al has been busy writing one.

It's been published and now Al is hoping loads of people start reading The Hunter and the Hunted.

In his Press Pack Al explains how he wrote a book and how he fits writing in with his acting career.

"I do a lot of acting, and there are lots of times when takes are done when you can write. So I sit down where ever I am and start writing.

I was working on a long film called If Only, which had big breaks, so that's when I wrote the bulk of it. The director of the film (Gil Junger) has written a review on the back.

When I write the ideas are all in my head. I just pick them out and then write them down - it's great!

Draft after draft

It took 18 months to write the book. There were lots of drafts to go through, and the final version took all of my summer holidays last year to finish.

Al's book - The Hunter and the hunted
On the set I wrote the book down, and that's the rough bit - the ideas and the map of the story. When I get home I type it all up.

My gran reads the drafts when I finish them and corrects any spelling mistakes. Each draft polishes the story a bit until the last one, which is like making the diamond sparkle!

When I'd written the final draft I took it to a publisher to see if they wanted to turn it into a book - and they did.

I was surprised. I thought it was a 50-50 chance, they could have said yes, they could have said no. But when they rang back they said it was really, really good and they were really happy with it.

I first saw the finished book at the beginning of the year. It looked really good and I had to read it again to make sure there were no mistakes or smudged pages.

Will there be a sequel?

Now I'm doing book signings, which is really good. I've signed a few things because of the film I was in and had to sign my name in lessons too so I'm pretty well practised.

I think I'm going to balance writing and acting in the future. I have done few acting jobs for the BBC - the Real Jane Austen and Beyond Narnia.

I am planning to write more books although it depends on the ideas really. There could even be a sequel - watch this space!"

Al, 11, Croydon, England

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