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Last Updated: Wednesday August 08 2007 12:29 GMT

NR chats to OOTP film stars

Harry Potter cast

We asked you to send us your questions for some of the stars of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - Katie Leung, Matthew Lewis, Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch.

After four days of furious emails and 5,000 questions - it's a good job Newsround doesn't use the owl postal system! - we picked some of the best to ask them.

Katie Leung and Matthew Lewis

Katie Leung and Matthew Lewis

Lauren and Katie, both 12, Liverpool
What was it like kissing Daniel Radcliffe on set in front of the whole crew?
Katie: That wasn't too bad. The time leading up to the kiss I was so nervous. I was having sleepless nights thinking about it.

When the moment came it wasn't too bad. It went very well and I've seen the finished result and I'm very pleased with it. Daniel was a very good kisser.

Racio, 13, Windsor
Is it difficult being the underdog in the first few movies, then in this one you get a big role as part of Dumbedore's Army?
Matt: I enjoyed playing Neville in the first few films - making people laugh. I love doing that. Then this year to be given more responsibility in terms of the drama and the motion of the film and the action at the end - it's just been a big step up for me. The challenge has been wonderful and I've really, really enjoyed the last year and hopefully it'll continue.

Jocasta, 11, Corby
Are you planning to follow in Dan's footsteps and do some theatre acting?
Matt: I've done theatre before. Not quite the West End. I do love it. The buzz you get from theatre is incredible. It's just that it's very hard work. I'm going to see Dan later on and I'm sure it's going to be incredible. Not just yet - I'm too lazy really. Maybe in the future.

Poppy, 12, Hampshire
What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you or sent to you?
Katie: I remember travelling to Japan for the promotion of the last film and I got a paper beach ball whilst I was on the red carpet for the premiere, so that was pretty odd. I didn't really know what to do with it!

Matt: The weirdest thing was a yellow pepper which had lots of different biro messages written on it all just saying different random things. I guess it had the greatest influence because it was years ago and I still remember it to this day. I think I've still got it somewhere at home - probably all mouldy and horrible!

Group of 8 and 9-year-olds in Miss Little's class in Sunderland
What is it like being famous at your age?
Katie: I don't know. I wouldn't say any different, it's not like I get recognised in the street very often. Sometimes I get the odd few coming up saying I enjoyed the movies. I'd say it's just the same.

Matt: I just never thought I'd be doing stuff like this. Sat talking to Lizo from Newsround doing an interview - that's pretty crazy when you think about that. When I go back home to Leeds I like to think it's not that different. I don't get recognised as much because I don't look too much like Neville. I guess I'm quite lucky. My friends are all so great I just get back to being normal. I don't think it's changed me that much - I hope not anyway.

Joanna, 12, The Hague
What animal is, or would, your Patronus be?
Matt: I think mine would be a dolphin because they're so intelligent. Probably wouldn't be though - probably a badger or something!

Katie: I was going to say that! I think a swan as they're such elegant animals.

Harnick, 11, Leicester
What's the best moment on and off the set in whole HP experience?
Matt: I love doing all the action and fighting in the new film, the Order of the Phoenix. Being able to train with the stunt guys and have all that make up blood on and running around being active and firing spells. It was something I hadn't done before. I felt like James Bond - it was cool!

Katie: Off set and on set, I enjoyed hanging around with the cast. We had so much fun - such a laugh, doing stupid things. We got to know each other a lot better.

Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch and Bonnie Wright

Karis, 9, Edinburgh
Are you both similar to the characters you play?
Bonnie: Ginny is very shy in the first few books. She becomes more confident in this film and through Dumbledore's Army. She wants to show that she can get into her fighting spirit too. I think I was shy when I was younger but I think she's more like me in this film. A bit more outgoing and wanting to be part of the adventure.

Evanna: Yes, we're similar but not the same. I'm much more determined than her. I know what I want so I chase after it. I don't think Luna would chase after it.

Emma, 12, Woking
Before you got the part of Luna, did you have any kind of drama lessons or were you in plays at all?
Evanna: Yeah, I went to drama class every Saturday. It was fun. It wasn't serious. We did a play every so often.

Izzie, 13, Sydney
Ginny's character has developed really well leading up to the important role in book six. Are you looking forward to that? What do you think of the way that Ginny's character has changed throughout the last five films?

Bonnie: In the sixth book and what happens in the relationship with Harry. It really shows she's not the little sister anymore - she's become herself. When I was reading it I wasn't expecting it at all - it was nice. I liked how it came through, as obviously in the first book she showed a liking towards Harry.

Ellie, 9, Fleet
Is it easy to actually learn your lines? Is it fun performing on set when you've done that?
Evanna: Yeah - not much learning to do, especially if you've read them as much as me. It's better not to learn them word for word as it gets very mechanical. It's always fun.

Bonnie: Yeah, it's nice once you get there. You get a feel for how you want to play the lines.

Evanna: One line leads to the next really.

Bonnie: Yeah, and on the set we actually get the atmosphere and work off each other.

Alison, 13
Do you still hang out with all the friends you knew before you became famous?
Bonnie: Yeah, definitely as I'm still at school so I'm still seeing all my friends. They're all supportive.

Evanna: Yeah, I'm sticking with my friends. They're all Harry Potter fans. It's nice to have something that's still the same.

Laura, 13 London
What's it like being the new girl on the set of the Harry Potter movies?
Evanna: I think I fitted in quickly. After one week you don't feel like the new one, you feel like you've been there your whole life. They want you to be part of it.

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