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Last Updated: Monday July 30 2007 13:48 GMT

Man struck by lightning - twice


There is a saying that lightning doesn't strike twice, but an American man may have proved it wrong.

Don Frick, 68, says he was hit by lightning - for the second time in his life - in a storm in the state of Pennsylvania on Friday.

This latest incident came 27 years to the day after the first time Mr Frick was struck.

He said the lightning only left him a bit shaken - with a burnt zip and a hole in the back of his jeans.

Mr Frick was at a festival when a storm closed in very quickly. He and six other people sheltered inside a shed, just before lightning hit the ground near them.

The strike sent a shock through Mr Frick and four other people.

Mr Frick said: "It put me up against the wall. When I came to and realised I was alive. The first thing that came to my mind was that I'm pretty lucky."

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