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Last Updated: Friday July 27 2007 16:00 GMT

Quiz: Scouts


In 2007, Scouts celebrated their 100th anniversary, but how much do you know about the Scouting movement?

Question 1

How many boys attended the first Scout camp in 1907?

A: 20
B: 35
C: 40

Question 2

Where are the headquarters of the World Scouting Association?

A: London, England
B: Cardiff, Wales
C: Geneva, Switzerland

Question 3

Of the 12 astronauts who've walked on the moon, how many were Scouts?

A: 10
B: 11
C: 12

Question 4

In how many countries around the world are there Scouts?

A: 107
B: 216
C: 183

Question 5

What's the highest award a British Scout can receive?

A: The Queen's Scout Award
B: The solid gold woggle
C: The Lord Baden-Powell badge

Question 6

Which one of these is NOT a type of junior Scout?

A: Otter Scout
B: Beaver Scout
C: Cub Scout

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