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Last Updated: Saturday July 28 2007 14:46 GMT

I gave an abandoned cat a home

Press Packer Susannah and Patrick

Press Packer Susannah loves cats and when she visited an animal centre she couldn't help but adopt one.

However, she was really shocked and disappointed by the number of cats that still need new homes. Here's her report.

"Recently my family and I visited a centre called Cats Protection in Dundee.

It was at the centre that I adopted a cat and we named him Patrick.

The day I went there was one of the happiest days of my life but also one of the saddest.

Poor cats

Seeing all those poor cats who had been abandoned by their owners was very sad.

There were all kinds of cats - big, small, quiet, noisy, fat and skinny cats. Thanks to the centre they were being looked after well.

They had spacious pens with a little hut to sleep in, scratching posts and blankets and pillows to sleep on.

Volunteers helped look after the cats by feeding them, grooming and looking after their general health.

Cute kittens

In one cage, I saw three little kittens all snuggled together in the basket.

I felt really sorry for them because I couldn't understand why someone would abandon these lovely creatures.


More children and families should help needy cats by adopting them.

I think more people should also make donations to charities that help cats.

It does not matter how much you give - they will just make sure that all the cats are happy.

I'm so happy that I managed to give one cat a home and Patrick is great!"

Susannah, 9, Angus

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