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Last Updated: Wednesday July 25 2007 15:45 GMT

Animals need rescuing from floods

The RSPCA rescue animals from the floods

The flood water is finally going down in Gloucester and the clean up has started, but it's not just people who are affected - pets are struggling too.

Lots of animals have been stuck at home without food or water, and many of them need rescuing.

The RSPCA have been out in boats in the affected areas and have loads of people working hard to keep animals safe.

As well as family pets like cats and dogs, farm animals and even snakes have all been in trouble.

The RSPCA have rescued 64 dogs from the floods in Oxford and extra RSPCA members from around the country have been called in to help.

Dogs that have been rescued from floods in Oxford
These two dogs have been rescued from floods in Oxford
One RSPCA member said donkeys have been the hardest to keep safe.

She said when their field flooded they ran away from the water but got stuck in a corner between the flood and a fence until the fence was cut down.

So far more than 1,500 animals have been saved, and no-one can remember a time when so many RSPCA staff were needed in one place.

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