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Last Updated: Friday July 27 2007 15:45 GMT

NR meets Transformers stars


What's set to be a huge film this summer is released on Friday and Sonali got to interview the stars of the action-packed movie Transformers.

Based on the 80s cartoon series, the film is about two warring groups of robots - the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons.

They have the power to transform into cars, jets, helicopters, motorcycles and so on.

So what will happen when they bring their battle to Earth?

Shia LeBeouf plays average teenager Sam Witwicky and Josh Duhamel is an Army Captain Lennox, leading a small elite troop of special soldiers. He's also the boyfriend of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie.

What was it like to make such a fast-paced film?

Sonali and Shia
Sonali and Shia
Shia: "It was exhausting. It was a lot of hard work. The explosions are there and you're living on your nerves so you're tense all the time so that can be mentally as well as physically tiring."

Josh: "It was really tiring. By the time I left work I was ready to go home, get my blanket, and take a nap."

What was it like acting without the actual robots being there?

Shia: "You don't have anything to actually talk to (the robots are computer generated) so what we have is long poles with green balls on the top, sometimes with smiley faces, that you have to act to. But we were having so much fun which is why I think it's a fun movie to watch as we had so much fun making it."

Sonali and Josh
Sonali and Josh
Josh: "It wasn't so bad for me talking to a big stick with a tennis ball as lots of times I was running to them or running away from them so I didn't have to have any real close scenes when I had to talk to them, which would have been harder."

Were you a fan when you were younger?

Shia: "The Transformers were always more tangible for me as a super hero. I never believed that a man in a cape with red leather boots would save me, but this idea - this could be real.

"But the film's not just a film for Transformer fans. Pure and simple it's the best CGI (Computer Generated Images) that you are going to see - with car chases and romance and humour too. It's a visual spectacular."

Josh: "Transformers was part of my upbringing. I would be eating my cereal on a Saturday morning watching Transformers with my Transformer underwear on and with all my toys spread out. My favourite is Megatron because he's kind of the main Transformer and he changes into a jet, which is really cool."

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