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Last Updated: Wednesday July 25 2007 09:40 GMT

Quiz: Deathly Hallows chapters 11-15

Scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Try our quiz on chapters 11-15

Question 1

Who replaces Scrimgeour as Minister for Magic?

A: Lucius Malfoy
B: Pius Thicknesse
C: Dedalus Diggle

Question 2

Who does Harry call a coward?

A: Lupin
B: Mundungus
C: Arthur Weasley

Question 3

Who's the new headmaster of Hogwarts?

A: McGonagall
B: Flitwick
C: Snape

Question 4

What does Hermione give Reg Cattermole outside the Ministry of Magic?

A: Nosebleed Nougat
B: Puking Pastilles
C: Decoy Detonators

Question 5

What's Arthur Weasley's security status?

A: Tracked
B: Watched
C: Monitored

Question 6

There's a picture of what on a pink note on Harry's poster in Dolores Umbridge's office?

A: A rat
B: A puppy
C: A kitten

Question 7

Who's the previous owner of the tent that Harry, Ron and Hermione are hiding in?

A: Perkins
B: Mafalda
C: Runcorn

Question 8

What does Hermione use to treat Ron's splinched arm?

A: Firewhisky
B: Essence of Dittany
C: Rumblejuice

Question 9

What did Ginny, Neville and Luna try to steal from Snape's office at Hogwarts?

A: The pensieve
B: Gryffindor's sword
C: Dumbledore's picture

Question 10

What's been built on the site of the orphanage where Voldemort grew up?

A: A supermarket
B: A library
C: An office towerblock

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