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Last Updated: Wednesday July 25 2007 19:05 GMT

Quiz: Deathly Hallows chapters 16-20

Scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Try our quiz on chapters 16-20.

Question 1

Who do Harry and Hermione hope to find in Godric's Hollow?

A: Aberforth Dumbledore
B: Severus Snape
C: Bathilda Bagshot

Question 2

On what day do they arrive in Godric's Hollow?

A: Christmas Eve
B: Christmas Day
C: Boxing Day

Question 3

What is waiting for Harry inside Bathilda Bagshot?

A: Nagini
B: Voldemort
C: Kreacher

Question 4

What gets broken during the escape from Godric's Hollow?

A: A Horcrux
B: Harry's wand
C: Hermione's arm

Question 5

Who was Dumbledore close friends with when he was a child?

A: Severus Snape
B: Marvolo Gaunt
C: Gellert Grindelwald

Question 6

What is Nurmengard?

A: A secret school for wizards and witches
B: A wandmaker
C: A wizard prison

Question 7

Where is the sword of Gryffindor?

A: Inside an enchanted rock
B: At the bottom of a pool of water
C: Inside the sorting hat at Hogwarts

Question 8

Who destroys the Horcrux?

A: Harry
B: Ron
C: Hermione

Question 9

Who did Ron almost get taken by when he left Harry and Hermione?

A: Death Eaters
B: Gobblers
C: Snatchers

Question 10

Which chess piece does the Lovegoods' house look like?

A: A pawn
B: A rook
C: A bishop

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