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Last Updated: Wednesday July 25 2007 11:40 GMT

Our village was cut off by the floods

Press Packer Lauren

Thousands of people have been affected by floods in the west of England.

Press Packer Lauren's village was cut off by the rising flood waters. Here she tells us what's it's been like over the past few days.

"We started to see the flood water coming along our road when we went to our neighbour's house at the weekend.

My dad said we should put the furniture on crates to get it off the floor and move all our stuff upstairs.

We took food, water and supplies upstairs and I got my rabbit, Flopsy, from her hutch in the garden.

My brother had a friend round and he had to phone his mum to tell her there was no way of getting home.

The water was only two metres from our front door and the road at the bottom of our drive was just like a river - it was deeper than my dad's wellies and he's really tall!

The flood waters getting closer to Lauren's house
The flood waters got closer and closer to Lauren's house

The next day, when we looked outside, Flopsy's hutch had flooded and the dog kennel was full of water.

Some of my friends' homes were evacuated and they had to go to the village hall or leisure centre.

The water got really close to our front door but my mum and dad decided we should stay at home.

Media stars

It was a bit frightening at first, when the floods started to come really close, but it's been quite exciting and I prefer staying at home because I know we'll be safe here.

Me and brother are not used to the road being flooded. It's been a lot quieter because there aren't any cars, which is better, and my dog, Meg, loves swimming in the water.

The only way out of our village at the moment is by tractor or in a canoe.

My brother's been out in the canoe and my dad used it to go to the shops to get some more food for us all.

The water's starting to go down now but it still goes over the top of my wellies in places and it's important to stay safe. I hope everyone else who's been affected by the floods is OK.

WEDNESDAY 25 July: Press Pack update

Since my last report, the water's gone down. The river down our road isn't as deep as it was and you can start to see the yellow markings on the road.

Lauren's dad and their neighbours in a canoe
Lauren's dad had a hand bring back more supplies in a canoe

We still have to rely on canoes and tractors to get out, but some jeeps can get through the water now as well.

The water's gone from our garden so Flopsy's back outside, but we've got to disinfect her hutch before she can get in it again.

Life's getting back to normal at home. Our furniture is still off the floor, but we've moved most of our stuff back downstairs.

Moving back

My mum has left her precious photos and things that belonged to her grandma upstairs and I've left some of my stuff on a high level just in case it floods.

I think the villagers who have been evacuated are trying to get back to their homes.

The water will probably go down now and my friends who had to leave their homes will start moving back.

Lauren, 11, Hampton Bishop, near Hereford

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