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Last Updated: Sunday July 22 2007 17:03 GMT

Quiz: Deathly Hallows chapters 6-10

Scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Try our quiz on chapters 6-10.

Question 1

Who starts wearing Ron's pyjamas and living in his bedroom?

A: Kreacher
B: Dobby
C: The ghoul from the attic

Question 2

How many members of the Delacour family arrive at the Burrow for the wedding of Fleur and Bill Weasley?

A: Three
B: Five
C: Seven

Question 3

What birthday present does Harry get from Bill and Fleur?

A: A new owl
B: An enchanted razor
C: A new broomstick

Question 4

What did Dumbledore leave to Ron in his will?

A: A snitch
B: A book
C: A deluminator

Question 5

What is Luna's dad called?

A: Xenophilius
B: Xavier
C: Xylophone

Question 6

What is Ginny's real first name?

A: Guinivere
B: Gertrude
C: Ginevra

Question 7

Who do Voldemort's forces kill at the end of chapter eight?

A: Severus Snape
B: Arthur Weasley
C: Rufus Scrimgeour

Question 8

Where do Harry, Ron and Hermione escape to?

A: Bond Street
B: Tottenham Court Road
C: Covent Garden

Question 9

Who is RAB?

A: Reginald Ableton Bold
B: Regulus Arcturus Black
C: Regent Archway Blair

Question 10

Who took the locket Horcrux away from the cave?

B: Severus Snape
C: Kreacher

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