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Last Updated: Monday July 30 2007 07:36 GMT

Have you been affected by the floods?

Two men fishing on a football pitch

Floods are causing big problems in a number of counties in England.

Tap water in parts of Gloucestershire has run out after a water treatment plant there was flooded.

Worcestershire and Warwickshire have also been really badly hit.

So have you been affected by the latest floods?

Are you stuck in a house full of water, or have you been moved to a temporary place to live in?

Email and let us know!

We also want to see any pics you might have taken of the floods.

Your Comments

"It hasn't flooded here but last Friday our subway was underwater and everyone had to cross the main road to get to the coach park."

Lois, 12, Watford

"Our school was closed for three days but then it was the summer holidays. We might not be going back in September."

Jenni, 13, Carterton

"My school was flooded on the Friday and the school wouldn't let me go out, even though a guardian was there to pick me up. Eventually he managed to get me out, but the water levels were slowly rising. After the heaviest of rainfall (when I had got home) it was knee deep."

Laura, 13, Reading

"There hasn't been floods where I live but I have heard in the news about the places that have been flooded. I am really scared now that it will flood in my town."

Anisha, 12, Newbury Park

"My town hasn't been affected by the floods, but my school's parking ground was flooded quite a bit!"

Shannon, 11, Welling

"I live in Northern Ireland and there are not any floods here, but I feel sorry for anyone hurt or even killed in the floods."

Lauren, 9, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland

"My grandma has been flooded (in Evesham) and my granddad is ill, so my she was really scared."

Amanda, 10, Manchester

"Sheffield was one of the first cities to have been hit with floods but, after watching clips on the news, I think we may have had a lucky escape."

Sam, 12, Sheffield

"We can't get to our house so we're staying at a hotel but the bottom floor of the hotel is flooded too!"

Rachel, 10, Swindon

"We have not been affected by the floods but my aunt and uncle and their daughter have been. They had to move all of their furniture upstairs because all of the water was getting into their house."

Hannah, 9, Kidderminster

"At my school, the water was knee-high and we went home at one!"

Amy, 10, Worcestershire

"I couldn't even get home on Friday night from school. Our bridge was completely gone and we had to stay at friends' houses for three days."

Ella, 13, Pershore

"I live by a supermarket and the car park is really flooded and has been shown on TV. It hasn't reached me yet."

Becky, 10, Tewkesbury

"Me and my family were driving home from Scotland and when we got to Monmouth, they had been flooded badly. You could see all the animals in the farm were up on top of the hill but it was almost as big as the trees."

Sarah, 11, Merthyr Tydfil

"The flood is really near my house now. I'm not scared that our house is gonna get flooded but I am worried for all of my friend's houses!"

Lucienne, 9, Oxford

"My house is very near floods. It's very scary but we're in the safe place in our village!"

Barney, 10, Oxfordshire

"Our area hasn't been flooded that bad but other areas have really been affected. I really hope that they come to an end and I give my hope to those people."

Brittany, 10, Wolverhampton

"We haven't been flooded yet - though most of our neighbours have. I hope we don't get flooded but we are prepared just in case! We have run out of water and I haven't had a bath in a week. My clothes are gross!"

Hayley, 12, Stroud

"My school was flooded and we were stuck in the science block. There was thunder and lightning, it was really scary!"

Zanna, 12, Sevenoaks

"I live in the middle of Tewkesbury so I can't go anywhere. My dad is a fireman and he has to walk through the floods to get to the fire station."

Tansy, 8

"We haven't been flooded but I live quite near the River Thames and all the fields around it are flooded."

Serena, 9, Reading

"On Friday my friend had to come to my house from school and have dinner because she couldn't get home because... you've guessed it! FLOODS!"

Katie, 12, Tadley

"We haven't been affected by the latest floods. We live on a hill and the water runs down it, so no."

Charlotte, 12, Melton Mowbray

"Fortunately, I haven't been affected by the floods, but I feel sorry for the people that have had their homes destroyed."

Chloe, 11, Manchester

"Sunday we were without power and water for 16 hours. We couldn't even boil the water we had because there was no electricity. We can't have a bath or a shower because although the power is back, the water isn't due back for 2 weeks. I have young brothers and we can't go two weeks without having baths and showers. "

Chelsey, 13, Gloucester

"I think me and my family are very lucky because we haven't been affected by the weather, so if any of you are reading this now, I'd like to say good luck in the bad weather."

Searlait, 9, Coventry

"Our house is not flooded but the village is. Two roads are closed and we have to travel miles to get on to the A38. The Trent burst its banks and people had sand bags by their doors."

Francesca, 6, Walton on Trent

"I haven't been affected by the floods but our old house near the River Thames (major flood warning there) is like a small lake. This time last year it could have been us."

Bethany, 9, Dawlish

"My school was flooded and has to pay 1,000 for the damage. We got to take three days off but then it's the summer holidays."

Catherine, 12, Carterton

"I think the whole world has to wake up to global warming and do something soon because the weather will get worse over the years."

John, 13, Liverpool

"We have no water, no washing machine, no bath to wash in. Global warming's effects are starting to show!"

Reece, 8, Gloucester

"On Friday, my mum could not get out of work because the car park was flooded! My dad was eating his lunch and water came into the restaurant and the bottom floor got flooded."

Naomi, 11, Newbury

"Most of the time, it rains everywhere else but here! But if it does rain here, it comes down in buckets and keeps raining for hours."

Jessica, 12, Morecambe

"It's weird hearing all about the floods because we haven't had any here - just a few heavy showers."

Abi, 13, Scarborough

"Where I am there has not been any floods this year, but I feel sorry for all the people who have been affected - I have several friends living in the flooded areas!"

Nick, 13, Woodbridge

"On BBC news it says there are flood warnings for my area! So we broke up from school one day before we should have done!"

Mary, 9, Reading

"No, it's actually shining brightly at the moment, but I do feel sorry for everyone affected, especially people in Gloucestershire"

Luke, 13, Bangor

"I only have a little shop in my village and all the shops I usually go to are flooded, so we only get a bit of food."

Katie, 9, Long Marston

"Our place isn't flooded but it is still pouring with rain, which is really annoying. "

Zaki, 11, Worthing

"I haven't been affected by the floods but the house right next to my school has been flooded once again. The last time my school was flooded was in 1995 and the river behind my school had to have the water partly drained out."

Charlotte, 10, Lincoln

"I'm quite worried because most of my family live in Gloucestershire."

Katie, 10, St Ives

"I am really worried and I am so glad that Cornwall isn't flooded, as I am going surfing there!"

Rebecca, 12, Grantham

"We haven't had huge floods like in Gloucestershire here in Wales. But we have had a lot of rain."

Molly, 13, Wales

"I have not been affected by the flooding but have you realised since Rihanna's song Umbrella got to number one, 10 weeks ago... it has not stopped raining!"

Nikki, 12, Hemel Hampstead

"It is awful here and the water is up to people's necks. We have already ran out of water now and power may be off for seven to fourteen days..."

"My Dad lives in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, so I am really worried for him and my dog!"

Anna, 12, Grantham

"I am scared because I live behind a lake, and it has been raining quite a lot. So I am scared that the lake will flood."

Warda, 12, Croydon

"We were flooded and had to be evacuated."

Bob, 10, Oxford

"It's hard to get to some places because of the floods. When we where taking a friend home, the lake had over-flowed on to the road and it was about 2 or 3 feet deep!"

Siena, 10, Gloucestershire

"My Dad's work place was full of water yesterday. He has gone to work really early today."

Olivia, 7, Carshalton

"It is raining really hard over by us and it'll probably flood..."

James, 11, Bishops Cleave

"We have the bath filled up with clean tap water, a bucket full of clean tap water to wash our hands and clean tap water to drink."

Olivia, 11, Cheltenham

"It's been mad. I had to spend Friday night at my friend's house because I had no way of getting home! Now we are running out of water too! My whole family have been filling bottle after bottle with water. We are going to my Nan's house to have baths and showers and for mum to do the clothes washing. CHAOS!"

Holly, 13, Cheltenham

"This morning, it poured down. My garden is waterlogged, so I cannot play out. It is HORRIBLE. What is up with the weather?!"

Megan, 9, Macclesfield

"We were supposed to go down south by car this weekend, but we stayed at home due to the floods! At least we did, otherwise we would of been one of those few thousand people trapped in their cars on the motorway!"

Rachel, 12, Rochdale

"The floods are terrible. Our car is stuck and we have no water. We had friends staying the night because they couldn't get home. What is in the water is disgusting. It was fun to start with but now it's really annoying!!!!"

Emily, 13, Bishop's Cleeve

"It's really flooded where I live, and it's getting scary. Our two bridges which go over the river Avon might collapse because of the water pressure. Luckily the water didn't come in our house. But some people are still trapped in hotels. And many people had to be air-lifted out of their houses. By the river you can just see the tops of the trees."

Sadie, 12, Evesham

"We are waiting for the water to be switched off and Dad is filling everything up with water. He says we will have to have a cold bath standing in a bucket later!!"

Evan, 7, Cheltenham

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