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Last Updated: Saturday July 21 2007 05:53 GMT

Quiz: Deathly Hallows chapters 1-5

Scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Try our quiz on the first five chapters.

Question 1

In chapter one two Death Eaters meet up to discuss “news”. Snape is one, who is the other?

A: Yaxley
B: Dolohov
C: Thicknesse

Question 2

The first character to die is a Hogwarts teacher, but what subject does Charity Burbage teach?

A: Arithmancy
B: Muggle Studies
C: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Question 3

What is the name of Dumbledore's sister?

A: Ariana
B: Mafalda
C: Matilda

Question 4

What is the key thing that Dudley say to Harry before they leave Privet Drive?

A: Thanks for saving my life.
B: I don't think you're a waste of space.
C: I hope you don't get killed.

Question 5

How many people pretend to be Harry to help him get to safety in chapter three?

A: Five
B: Six
C: Seven

Question 6

Which member of the Order of the Phoenix is paired with Harry to help him escape?

A: Lupin
B: Mad-Eye
C: Hagrid

Question 7

Which character that we know from earlier books is the first to die?

A: Hedwig
B: Mad-Eye
C: Hagrid

Question 8

Where does the Order take Harry from the Dursley's house?

A: Lupin's parents house
B: Tonks' parents house
C: Mad-Eye's house

Question 9

Which bit of George gets lost in the escape?

A: An eye
B: A finger
C: An ear

Question 10

Which member of the Order is killed?

A: Lupin
B: Mad-Eye
C: Tonks

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