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Last Updated: Thursday July 19 2007 16:28 GMT

Man finds bugs growing in head

Aaron Dallas with the eggs that were removed from his head

A man who went to the doctors because he had strange bumps on his head was horrified to find he had a case of bugs on the brain.

Aaron Dallas thought the lumps were bad insect bites from a holiday in Belize, South America, but when he felt them moving he got a doctor to take a look.

The bumps turned out to be bot fly eggs which had been left by a mosquito and were starting to hatch in Aaron's head!

Luckily the doctors were able to remove them all and Aaron's bug-free again.

Mosquitoes and other insects are used by female bot flies to carry their eggs somewhere to hatch, and this time they chose Aaron.

The eggs that were removed from Aaron's head
Doctors removed five of the bot fly eggs from Aaron's head

It might sound horrific, but larvae infections like this are quite common in South America so doctors knew exactly what to do.

Aaron said he thought he was going crazy when he could hear the bugs moving around his head.

Weird noises

He said: "In the last three days before the doctors pulled them out I heard noises. There was kind of like a ticking clock or what I think of when I think of a termite chewing on wood, that's the noise that I heard at the back of my head.

"It's much funnier to everyone else. It makes my stomach turn over."

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