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Last Updated: Friday July 13 2007 15:09 GMT

Monster squid washed up on beach

The squid

Check out this slippery customer - it's a giant squid that got washed up on a beach in a remote part of Australia.

Scientists are really excited by the find because it could uncover some secrets about these rarely-seen deep sea creatures.

At 8m long and weighing in at 250kg, the squid is one of the largest ever found. It was discovered by a walker on the western coast of Tasmania.

Giant squid usually live 200 to 700 metres beneath the sea.

They get about thanks to their volleyball-sized eyes - the largest in the animal kingdom.

The creature's tentacles had been damaged, so scientists don't know how big it might have been, although the species can grow to more than 10 metres.


Officials moved the squid's remains from the water and scientists will now carry out tests to try to find out more about the beast.

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